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Senior Citizens Care Foundation (SCCF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the corporate affairs commission and it’s an associate member of International Federation on Ageing (IFA) with member ID number (IFA 1483). SCCF sees into the fast growing global aging issues and we are actively involved in the welfare and human rights of older persons.

GLOBAL AGEING CHALLENGES AND WELFARE. Much has changed since the first world assembly on ageing was held in Vienna over two and a half decades ago. The United Nations projected that by 2050, people within the age bracket of 60years old and above will for the first time in human history exceeds the number of children 14yrs and younger.

This demographic shift has been recorded in the world industrialized regions and developed countries are also catching up quickly. To meet with this challenges developing countries and organizations must enact active ageing policies for older citizens. “THE TIME TO PLAN AND ACT IS NOW.

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Sccf Free Elderly Medi-Care Initiative.

Good health is imperative for older people to remain independent and continue to contribute to their families and communities, but our nation is loosing her elders which is having a negative impact on the value, culture and tradition of the nation. In recent years the population of the older people who are to teach the younger generation more about culture and tradition are decreasing rapidly within the nation.

Also the new generations have not been able to learn so much from the values and experience acquired by elders because the elders don’t live longer enough to teach them any more.

Awards/Presentation Of Senior Citizenship Certificate.

SCCF Awards and presentation of Senior Citizenship Certificate is an important and integral part of this organization, it was established to celebrate Senior Citizines, individuals and organizations for their excellent achievements and performance.


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