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Good health is imperative for older people to remain independent and continue to contribute to their families and communities, but our nation is loosing her elders which is having a negative impact on the value, culture and tradition of the nation. In recent years the population of the older people who are to teach the younger generation more about culture and tradition are decreasing rapidly within the nation.

Also the new generations have not been able to learn so much from the values and experience acquired by elders because the elders don’t live longer enough to teach them any more.

The result of our research from rural and urban areas shows that these age groups die untimely as a result of poverty and poor medical attention. Which lead our medical team in April  2008 to esterblish a  medical program for the senior citizens tagged (SCCF FREE ELDERLY MEDI-CARE INITIATIVE).

This initiative had taking care of the health needs of thousands of elderly in some existing local and state government areas of Nigeria. The goal is to meet the health needs of senior citizens, so as to make provision for their medical needs. The medical care includes eye care, diabetes screening, high blood pressure screening, drugs and eye glasses are administered  after screening, thus given them a better welfare  and help the nation in preserving her custodians of cultures and traditions .We also plan to have a medical centre  for geriatrics treatment with qualified staff with deep knowledge of gerontology, so as to meet every necessary health needs of the elderly.

The Care of the elderly is not a responsibility of the Non Governmental Organization alone but a collective responsibilities of NGOs, Government, Families and individuals so as to continually preserve our custodians of culture and tradition. Our primary assingment at SCCF is to care for the elderly.

This initiative is been executed through two centers,

  1. Local government secretariat: this initiative take place in different local government secretariats across the country basically meeting with the health needs of elderly in rural and urban areas.
  2. Religious centers: this we do via diffrent religious centers.